A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Welcome to Meowville Springs, a quiet, quaint little neighbourhood participating in a new SmartPet trial!

We've hidden away cats that are using a fancy new kind of chip that allows us to track our furry friends using SCIENCE and trianglemadoodles in the lamp posts. These chips also let you quickly see who the owner is so we can reunite them with their pet.

Unfortunately, just like outside of the trial, not all of them have "chips". You'll need to put in extra effort and a little detective work to rescue these ones, but I'm sure they'll be grateful - as cats always are...

GOOD LUCK and thank you!


This game was developed for the Purrposeful Charity Game Jam 2020, using the theme "The Wanderer". We wanted to take a lighthearted look at how a futuristic microchipping system might work, while raising awareness of how much easier a microchip makes it to reunite people with their furry friends.


Code - Lorna Cooper
Animation - Aron Durkin
Art - Hannah Payne
Design, Code, Music - Gavin Stewart
Design - Johnny Wallbank


FurriendsReunited_Mac.zip 49 MB
FurriendsReunited_Windows.zip 45 MB


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